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Students on F-1 and J-1 visas are required to have insurance by Florida Board of Governor's Regulation 6.009. Insurance is required to keep your immigration status valid. The regulation specifies the type and amounts of insurance and how long you must have it for. F-1 and J-1 students have the following obligations:

  1. Keep the required coverage during your entire period of study. This includes breaks and annual vacation.
  2. Provide documentation showing proof of this coverage to International Programs following the process listed below.
  3. Purchase insurance coverage for any F-2 or J-2 dependents attached to your F-1 or J-1 status.

Failure to comply with these requirements forces the University of West Florida to terminate your immigration status.

This process is managed by International Programs. For help with the process, please email or call (850)474-2479.


Updates for Fall 2020 and COVID-19

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. We understand that you may have questions about maintaining your status and how that impacts your next steps to get health insurance.

Determine What Insurance to Use 

The University of West Florida has pre-approved plans you can use.

  • This is the best option if you are unsure about your current insurance.
  • Many insurance plans (including ones in the U.S.) do not meet the requirements.
  • If you use a pre-approved plan, you do not have to submit a health insurance waiver. 

(warning) If you do not submit a waiver by the deadline, you must purchase a pre-approved plan.

Pre-Approved Insurance Plans 

The University of West Florida has pre-approved the following insurance plans:

Insurance for Students UWF Policy Option

  • Available at 
  • Enroll with IFS using this link.
  • UWF receives a confirmation if you purchase the UWF policy through Insurance for Students. 

International student athletes on a UWF sports team:

International Student Insurance

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission insurance

  • We must receive a copy of a valid Financial Guarantee as proof. 

Kuwait Cultural Division insurance

  • We must receive a copy of the Financial Guarantee or the Certification of Insurance as proof. 

**Students with one of the pre-approved insurances above are responsible for confirming UWF International Programs has received necessary documentation of coverage. 

Using Your Own Insurance Plan - Submitting an International Student Health Insurance Waiver Form

You can use insurance from your home country or a different U.S. policy as long as you complete a waiver by the deadline. 

  • The deadline for fall semester is August 15th
  • The deadline for spring and summer is December 15th
  • The deadline for Intensive English Program summer students is April 15th.

If purchasing an insurance that is not one of the pre-approved plans above, you must have the company confirm the insurance meets all of the requirements of Florida Board of Governor's Regulation 6.009.

  • Waivers submitted for insurance which does not meet ALL of the requirements outlined in BOG REG 6.009 will not be accepted.
  • Please review all emails from International Programs regarding insurance for important dates and deadline reminders. 
  • Please note that many foreign insurance companies and travel insurance plans do not meet the State of Florida regulations. 
  • With updated documentation process, it is possible that plans that have previously been accepted may not be accepted for Fall 2020 and beyond. 
  • UWF strongly encourages students to verify an alternative insurance will meet requirements for international student insurance BEFORE purchasing. 

Late waiver form submissions will not be accepted.

  • Students who have not submitted a valid waiver will be directed to purchase the pre-approved UWF policy. 

How to Complete a Waiver Form

Log into MyUWF. Go to The form is not open all year. It is only open when waivers are being accepted. 

Begin the Form 

After logging in to MyUWF, you will be taken to the complete form screen. Click "Complete Form."

complete this form button

Choose Your Student Type

Choose your correct student type. 

Exchange Student (use this if you are participating in an exchange with a partner university) 

Intensive English Program (use this if you are only attending English as a Second Languages at the Intensive English Program) 

Degree-Seeking Student (use this is you are in a bachelors, masters, specialist, or doctorate program) 

Non-Degree Seeking Student (use this if you are not in a degree program, but you are attending regular university classes) 

Special Program Student (use this if you are in a special program; you will have been notified to use this code) 

choosing student type

Choose the Semester /Term 

Choose the semester/term you are requesting the waiver for. Spring and Summer are attached for most students. 

choosing semester

Enter Status with Athletics 

Enter if you are on an athletic team at UWF, and click "Next." 

athletic team yes or no

Acknowledge and Certify the Waiver Conditions

At the beginning of the second page, you must acknowledge and certify a series of legally binding statements. 

Acknowledging and Certifying the Waiver Conditions

List Coverage Benefits

After the acknowledgements and certifications, you must answer "Yes" or "No" to the coverage requirements. For the waiver to be approved, all of the answers must be "Yes." However, it is very important that you do not falsify any of this information. Insurance fraud is a crime, and you can lose your immigration status if you falsify your information. Once you have answered the required questions, click "Next."

listing coverage benefits

Enter Insurance Company Information 

At the top of page three, enter as much information about your insurance company as you have. You must enter the Company Name, Start and End Dates, and the Insurance Company Phone Number. 

insurance company information

Upload Proof of Insurance - Health Insurance Verification Form Completed and Signed by Insurance Company

After entering the insurance company information, you must upload proof of your insurance coverage. Students will need to contact the insurance company to complete the Health Insurance Verification Form - which requires signature of the student and completion and signature by the insurance company. **UWF is no longer accepting insurance letters, ID cards, or declaration of benefits pages. **

Download the Health Insurance Compliance Form

See the example completed form below. Students will need to have the Health Insurance Compliance Form completed by the insurance company and upload the completed document to the waiver form in MyUWF. 

**UWF is no longer accepting insurance coverage letters, ID cards, or declaration of benefits pages. **

proof of insurance

The uploaded completed Health Insurance Verification Form must be in English. Once you have completed the upload, Click, "Next," and sign the Health Insurance Waiver Form. 

Receiving Approval 

After your waiver has been submitted, it takes several days to get approval for the waiver. If you receive an email rejecting your waiver, please follow the instructions in the email. If you have any questions about your waiver status, please email 

International Student Insurance FAQs 

What if I am unable to return to the US for the Fall 2020 semester? Do I need insurance?

That depends on your visa status for Fall 2020. 

  • F-1 and J-1 students are required to have insurance coverage if the I-20 or DS-2019 is active in SEVIS.
  • The requirement depends on your SEVIS record - not on where you are currently located, so it applies when you are outside of the US, too.
  • We understand that you may not know your plans yet. We are also waiting for updates from SEVP for Fall 2020 enrollment guidelines and updates on travel restrictions.
  • If you do not want to purchase insurance for Fall 2020, we recommend that you contact your international student advisor or schedule an advising appointment to review the impact on your visa status.

Can I wait and purchase my insurance later?

Yes, the deadline to purchase the UWF policy is August 24, 2020.

What if I am planning to use my own insurance? Can I submit the International Student Health Insurance Waiver Form later?

The deadline to submit the form is August 15, 2020

  • Please see the information above on steps to submit the waiver form.
  • The dates of insurance must be 08/15/2020 to 12/31/2020.
  • You must have continuous coverage inclusive of the dates shown in the insurance email you have received. 
  • Your current insurance end date is $INSURANCESTARTDATE$.
  • If your end date is before August 15, you must submit your documentation before your current policy expires.
    • You must purchase insurance before your current policy expires.
    • AND you must submit your waiver form and insurance proof document. 
    • This documentation must show continuous coverage.
  • If you purchase after your current insurance expires and have a lapse in coverage dates, your waiver will not be approved and you must purchase the UWF student insurance policy. 

What if I am planning to enroll in a Pre-Approved policy option?

You may enroll in the UWF policy for international student insurance at any time before the start of Fall 2020.

  • Students who have not enrolled in the UWF policy by the start of Fall 2020 will have a hold placed on their UWF account.
  • You cannot make changes to your course registration if you have a hold on your account.
  • Email if you have questions.

If I want to purchase an IFS or ISI insurance plan not listed as pre-approved plan, is that okay?

  • No. You must use the links in Pre-Approved Plans.
  • Only these plans are pre-approved.
  • For IFS, if you have any questions please email and tell them you are a UWF student. 
  • For ISI, you must choose the Budget, Select, or Elite option for Student Secure. 
    • The Student Secure Smart plan is not approved.

What if I have more questions about Fall 2020 not related to insurance?

  • You can schedule an advising appointment in Navigate in MyUWF.
  • Search for immigration advising to see available appointments.