Mailboxes are available to students after they sign up for campus housing. Resident students can request mailboxes by visiting the UWF Post Office upon arrival on campus. Mailboxes can also be pre-assigned by submitting an email request to or by calling 850.474.2436. A UWF ID number will be required for mailbox assignment. Mailboxes have combination locks and the combination can be found online through MyUWF after assignment. (Type "Postal Information" in the MyUWF search field). 

Students pick up mail at their assigned box located in Postal Services lobby (Bldg. 22). View a quick demo on how to open a mail box.  Any mail not having a current housing resident’s name will be returned to sender.

Packages or signature required – Packages are shelved for pick up by the addressee. Notices for package pickup or for mail requiring a signature will be placed in the student's mail box. To pick up packages, students will be asked to verify their identity by showing their Nautilus Card ID or other picture ID. Mail and packages may only be picked up by the addressee.  

Addressing mail to resident students – When sending packages and/or mail to students living in residence halls and the Village Apartments, use the assigned 5-digit mailbox number (as the address number) on Campus Drive. We recommend not using "P.O. Box" in the address.

Student's NameJohn Q. Doe
University of West FloridaUniversity of West Florida
00000 Campus Drive38345 Campus Drive
Pensacola, FL 32514Pensacola, FL 32514

Change of address –  If you move off campus or leave for the summer, you must submit a change of address form at the Post Office. If you are not on the current housing list for residence halls, and have not left a forwarding address, your mail will be returned to the sender. Be sure to notify the Registrar's Office of your address changes as well. Complete a Change of Address Request form.

Mailbox Security: 

    • To open your mail box, spin left (counter clockwise) all the way around to clear the lock, continue left to your first #, spin to the right to your second #, spin left again to your third #. To open the door, spin a bit more to the left and pull open.
    • MOST IMPORTANT: Spin the dial several times after you close your mailbox door. This will insure that your combination is not preset.
    • Do not preset your mailbox combination for convenience. You can never tell when or where a criminal will strike.
    • Never give your combination to another person. This will compromise your mailbox security.
    • Do not let items accumulate in your box.
    • Always pick up your packages and mail personally.
    • If you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately to a postal employee or the campus police.