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This page covers the instructions for looking up and purchasing textbooks from the UWF Bookstore through the Registration Menu app in MyUWF, however, textbook information is also available Using the My Classes app. Students can also look up the ISBN numbers for their textbooks by following these instructions.


Step 1

Begin by logging in to MyUWF (

MyUWF homepage

Step 2

Search for Registration Menu and then click on the Registration Menu app.

app for Registration Menu (Fall 2014 and forward)


Step 3

Click Look Up Classes.

Link for Look up classes

Step 4

Click on the subject area of the course you are looking for and then click the Course Search icon.

list of subjects, and Course Search button


Step 5

Find the specific course and click View Sections.

list of available sections, and View Sections button


Step 6

Carefully find the course name and section number of the course you are taking, then click on the five digit CRN number.

list of sections and their respective CRNs


Step 7

Click on Textbooks.

Textbooks link

Step 8

Students can view the textbook ISBN number on this page and/or continue to the next screen by clicking Check Availability

 Check availability link


Step 9

If the textbook is available, you have the option to pick new or used textbooks and add them to your cart.

 list of available textbooks


Step 10

When complete, you may view your cart and proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping.

 Checkout and Continue shopping buttons