A UWF ID number is a unique nine-digit identification number that the University creates for students and employees. UWF students and employees need this number whenever they engage in various UWF activities and processes.

This number is located on Nautilus ID cards.  For those who don't have these cards, they can find their number via MyUWF.  UWF may also email this number to prospective and current UWF students, and to current UWF employees.


Locating your UWF ID number in an email

If you've received emails from UWF before, then your UWF ID number may be at the bottom of some of those emails.  

Search your email account for the phrase "uwf id" (including the quotation marks).

Locating your UWF ID number on your Nautilus card

Look at your card.  You will see three groups of numbers:  

  • a three-digit number,
  • a nine-digit number,
  • a two-digit number

example of Nautilus ID card

Your UWF ID number is the nine-digit number in the middle, and this number almost always begins with 97.

Lost your Nautilus card?

Contact the Nautilus Card office immediately (850 474 3324).

Visit Nautilus Card FAQs for additional details.

Locating your UWF ID number in MyUWF

Step 1

Go to MyUWF and click the Log in button.

'log in' button

Step 2

Log in using your Argonet username and password.

MyUWF login screen

Can't log in to MyUWF

Visit the following pages if you're unable to log in to MyUWF:

Step 3

Click your name at the top right.

full name in My Account

Step 4

Click My Account.

'My Account' app

Step 5

Your UWF ID number should be displayed.

uwf id

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