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This page is for UWF employees only. These employees include faculty, staff, and student employees.


Every office and department on campus has at least one Departmental Information Security Representative (DISRep) (for claimed employees only). These DISReps are responsible for many things, including managing who has access to various information systems here on campus (such as restricted Confluence spaces).  These DISReps are also responsible for claiming employees as members of their departments (for claimed employees only). Use the instructions below to locate your DISReps.


Step 1

Log in to MyUWF, open the Campus Directory app, and locate your department.  

Step 2

After clicking on your department, click the Groups tab.

Groups tab

Step 3

Look for the Departmental Information Security Representative section (not the Certified DISRep section).

Your DISReps will be listed here.

section for DISReps


Go to the Campus Directory and click Departments.  Look for the department that your department falls under, then look for that department's DISRep.

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075

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