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This page contains the instructions for launching eDesktop from a Windows machine.

Launching eDesktop

Step 1

Login to MyUWF (

Step 2

Search for eDesktop and click on the app.

Step 3

Click Connect.

connect button

Step 3

Click the Click to Connect button. 

click to connect button

Step 4

A file should have been downloaded to your computer.  Locate this file, and either Open or Run it (depending on your browser).

Step 5

You may be asked if you trust the publisher of this remote connection.  Click Connect.

connect button

Step 6

Enter your full UWF email address and your ArgoNet password.

fields for full UWF email address and password

Step 7

Click OK.

ok button

Step 8

After approximately 60 seconds, you should see a screen like this.


Now you can begin using eDesktop.

Exiting eDesktop

When you're finished with your eDesktop session, click the "Log Off eDesktop" icon log off icon. This ends your session and makes a new eDesktop session available to another user.

eDesktop Session Timeout

Note: If your eDesktop session remains idle for 30 minutes, you will be automatically disconnected from eDesktop. Once disconnected, you have another 30 minutes to reconnect to your session.