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This form is used by students wishing to withdraw from their last class or all classes after the Add/Drop period. If the withdrawal deadline has passed for the current term students should submit an Appeal for Late Class or University Withdrawal.  

  • This form will NOT inactivate you from the University. If you are a new admit contact Admissions to cancel your application. 
  • If it is BEFORE or DURING add/drop period of the current semester please click here for directions to drop last class.
  • Please read Withdrawing After Drop/Add and refer to the University Catalog for more information regarding withdrawals.
  • Students should use this form to withdraw from Last Class or ALL classes for the current semester.
  • An active registration in classes is required to withdraw from courses. 
  • Students must submit this form to complete a University Withdrawal; withdrawing from all classes online is not an option.
  • The deadline for an individual class withdrawal and a University Withdrawal are the same. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates. After the deadline, an Appeal for Late University Withdrawal must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students receiving financial aid should visit or contact the Financial Aid Office at bldg. 18, (850) 474-2400, for an analysis of how a University Withdrawal will affect financial aid.
  • A survey will be sent by the Office of the Registrar upon receipt of the form. The completed survey is required in order for the University Withdrawal to be processed.


Students will be able to access the Last Class Withdrawal via MyUWF which will require logging in with your Argonet ID and password. Students will be able to complete and submit the form online. The form will route directly to the Registrar's Office once the form is submitted by the student. If further information is needed, the student will be notified. The student will receive a survey to submit in order to complete the withdrawal process.  

Step 1

Log into MyUWF and search for the appeal form - type keywords "last class withdrawal."

Last Class Withdrawal link

Step 2 

The student's UWF ID, First Name, Last Name and Email Address will prefill in the form.

The student must enter a contact phone number and date. Student also needs to indicate if they are a student athlete, F1 or J1 visa student, or veteran. Then the student is asked to select all options that apply when deciding to withdraw.

 Click here for screenshot...

Dynamic Form Screen

Step 3

The form requires students to provide the following information.

  • Term of Withdrawal- select term and year of withdrawal request
  • Campus- select which campus used by student
  • Reason for Withdrawal- select or provide reason of withdrawal request
  • Upload supporting documentation- Student can use this section to provide supporting documentation
  • Return to UWF- Student can select the planned term of return
  • Click Next

     Click here for screenshot...

    Image of the Last Class Withdrawal Dynamic form with instructions to fill out term and year of withdrawal, campus location, reason for withdrawal, and where to upload supporting documentation on the form.

Step 4

Requires the student to acknowledge the withdrawal is being submitted. Click Next.

 Click here for screenshot...

Student Acknowledgement Box

Step 5

Student will enter their first and last names in the indicated boxes. Click Sign Electronically. 

 Click here for screenshot...

Electronic Signature Box

Step 6

Student will see a form submission screen indicating that their appeal will be routed to the Office of the Registrar for processing.