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Employees who have officially retired from UWF (or have been awarded Faculty Emeritus status) are eligible to keep an active guest ArgoNet account after retiring from the University.


  • Eligible retirees must submit an ITS Support Center request in order to keep an active guest account. 
  • After ITS has confirmed that an employee has officially retired from UWF:

    • ITS will convert the ArgoNet account to a "guest" status which will provide access only to UWF Gmail and MyUWF. 

    • ALL other services are removed when UWF employment ends.


 How does ITS confirm that an employee has officially retired from UWF?

Human Resources enters the appropriate code in the system to indicate when an employee is an official UWF retiree.

 What UWF services will be available with a retiree guest ArgoNet account?

Only UWF Gmail and MyUWF login will be available with a retiree guest ArgoNet account. All other services, including but not limited to home/web drives, Office 365, and access to log in to campus computers, are removed when UWF employment ends.

 What happens to a guest account when the retiree becomes deceased?

When ITS learns of the death of a retired employee, the ArgoNet account will be immediately deactivated .

 What if a family member needs access due to personal use of the account by the retiree?

If a family member requests access to the account:

  • ITS will request official (Letters of Administration) documentation* to show the family member is indeed authorized to obtain access to the account. (*court order with embossed stamps. A copy of this document should be preserved - should be added to the Jira Ticket)
  • After verifying the identity of the family member, ITS will send formal correspondence to the family member to obtain their agreement that:
    • they will only use the account for the purposes of finalizing the deceased retiree's affairs
    • they will not use the account to represent themselves as the deceased retiree
    • they understand the account will remain open for only 10 days, at which time it will automatically be deleted without further notice
  • ITS would then share the password of the account with the family member and set the account for automatic deletion in 10 days
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