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Students need to identify their advisors to know who to contact about advising matters and schedule an appointment when necessary.


Step 1

Log in to

Step 2

Enter "Navigate" and click the "Search" button.

Navigate app

Step 3

Once you are logged into Navigate you can view your advisor information multiple ways

  1. In the lower right corner your success team is listed. Remember that you may have multiple advisors listed - if you have more than one major, are part of the honors program, or if your major department has multiple advisors who can assist you. If you aren't sure - reach out to any of them and they can direct you further. Use the envelope icon to send a message to them - or use the campus directory in myUWF to look up their location or phone number. 
  2. If you click on the "send a message" tab you will be provided a list of your advisors and your professors for that term. You can select the box beside their name and click actions at the top to send a message. 
  3. See if you already have an upcoming appointment with your advisor
  4. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor

    Navigate homepage