Response Expectations



8AM - 5PM


5PM - 7PM

When ITS is




priority one

  • A malfunction of an enterprise wide system impacting a significant group of clients.

  • A malfunction of a mission critical system, service, or application.

  • A malfunction that hinders a client from meeting a critical deadline or affects multiple students, employees, or departments.

1 Hour2 Hours4 HoursAs Soon
As Possible

priority two

  • A malfunction of an enterprise wide system affecting a small group of clients.
  • An IT malfunction that keeps a user from completing a critical or immediate task.
4 Hours6 HoursNext
Business Day
Noon Next
Business Day

priority three

  • Routine support requests that impact a single user or non-critical issue.
6 HoursNext
Business Day
Business Day

priority four

  • Support requests which require an on-site visit, such as new computer set-ups, non-critical hardware problems, or on-site software installation.
See Work Order Resolution Expectations Below

Resolution Expectations

Please Note:  Every attempt is made to solve each issue on first contact.  However, some issues require escalation to another support team.  Campus closures or other emergencies may delay the time necessary to complete requests. While we strive to exceed our expectations, high call volume times, such as the start of the semester, may result in a delayed response.

Issue Type/Description

Expected Resolution Time


Network Connectivity

For issues relating to connectivity via ethernet or ArgoAir

1 - 3 business days
  • Wiring repairs may take longer than one business day, but ITS will attempt to make arrangements for alternate connectivity.
  • For issues with wireless connectivity, troubleshooting may be provided at our walk-in counter (hours listed above).


1 - 5 business days
  • Routine requests will be handled in the order they were received. Special configurations may take longer.

Printer Connectivity

For issues connecting to a new printer or experiencing printing issues

1 - 2 weeks
  • If hardware needs to be replaced, resolution time may vary based on hardware order and delivery times.

Computer Hardware Issues

For issues in which a computer does not power on or hardware is malfunctioning

1 - 2 weeks
  • If a hard drive requires a backup, a data recovery process is necessary which may take longer.
  • Loaner computers are available for emergency situations.
    • Basic image only.
    • No special software will be installed.
    • Loaner computer must remain on campus.

Hardware Installation/Computer Setup

2 - 3 weeks
  • Clients should not submit work order until the new computer is in their possession and they are ready for an analyst to pick up the computer.
  • At high volume purchasing times, such as the end of the fiscal year, the wait time may be longer for computer setups. 

Computer Software Issues

For issues in which a locally installed application is not operating properly

  • When possible, ITS will attempt to resolve the issue over the phone in one business day.
  • If software needs to be installed or re-installed, see Software Installation.

Software Installation

1 - 2 weeks
  • If office visit is required, 1 - 2 weeks.
  • If completed via phone by an analyst between calls, possibly within a week. 

Classroom Technology Issues

For issues related to the A/V equipment in ITS supported classrooms

  • For issues that are preventing a scheduled class from proceeding, ITS will dispatch assistance as quickly as possible.
  • For issues that are not preventing a class from proceeding, ITS will dispatch assistance whenever the classroom is next available.
  • In some cases, issues may require vendor intervention which may result in longer resolution times.