Each student and employee has the opportunity to print one Free, 14-day, Temporary Parking Permit each semester.


Log in to MyUWF. Search for the Parking Transaction Portal app. Click on the app then follow the steps below.

Step 1

Use the UWF Login to gain access.

UWF Login button

Step 2

Click on Get Permits.

This is correct even though you WILL NOT be charged for the 14-day temporary permit.

Get Permits button

Step 3

All UWF students and employees are eligible to acquire ONE free 14-day printable permit per semester. This permit is valid from the day it is printed until 14 days later.

Click on Next>>.

Next button

Step 4

Highlighted here is the 14-Day free temporary permit. Click on the radio button on the lefthand side. Read the 3 statements at the bottom left and acknowledge that you read them by checking the 3 boxes.

You may now click on Next>>.

Highlighted here is the 14-Day free temporary permit

Step 5

If the proper vehicle is displayed, click Next>>.

Otherwise, you may use the Add Vehicle button to add the appropriate vehicle before clicking Next>>. Up to 3 vehicles may be selected on which the temporary permit may be used. 

Select vehicles for permit

Step 6

Change the Delivery Option to "Pick Up or Temporary". 

Note: You will NOT be picking up your temporary permit. You will print your Temporary Permit during this online process.

Click Next>>.

Choosing a delivery option

Step 7

If everything looks correct, click "Pay Now".

Pay Now button

Step 8

1 - Notice that there is NO CHARGE for the printable 14-day temporary permit.

2 - VERY IMPORTANT! Click on Print Permit now to print your temporary permit.

     Note: This is 1 of 2 opportunities you will have to print your temporary permit. The link will also be available on your emailed receipt.

3 - Click on the Print Receipt button to print your receipt. You will also receive a receipt by email.

4 - Click on Logout.

Payment receipt

 This is the end of the process.


Yes, you will receive a receipt for the free 14-day temporary permit by email. There will be a link to print your permit on the email receipt if you did not print the permit prior. Below is an example of the email receipt.

Print Permit link

If you have already used your free temporary permit for the semester, you will see a screen similar to that below when you attempt to print another temporary permit. You are only allowed one per semester.

Error message for printing temporary permit

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