Welcome to GradesFirst, your home for staying connected with your advisors, tutors, and professors.  The various staffs at both UWF and GradesFirst hope you enjoy using this software and find it essential to helping you manage your daily student activities.  Within this application you will find a powerful combination of features that focus on helping UWF staff assist you so that you may achieve all of your collegiate goals.

Accessing GradesFirst

The website for GradesFirst is  You may also access GradesFirst through

Tutoring Appointments

As of October 2014, the Academic Center for Excellent (ACE) is the only UWF tutoring center that allows students to schedule and request tutoring appointments through GradesFirst.  Please visit the MathStat Tutor Lab or the Writing Lab if you would like to learn how to utilize their services.

Advising Appointments

Google Calendar Integration

  • Integrate GradesFirst with Google Calendar – Follow these procedures so that you can see your class schedule, tutoring appointments, and advising appointments in your Google Calendar.  Please keep in mind that this particular integration may be delayed.
  • Integrate Google Calendar with GradesFirst – Follow these procedures so that tutors, professors, and advisors can see when you're available and when you're busy.  They will not be able to see the details of the events that you created in Google Calendar.