Google Meet is video-conferencing and telepresence software. Participants in a Google Meet session can simply send an invite link to anyone with a Gmail account. 

For further information regarding Google Meet, please visit the following resources:

How can I use Google Meet?

You can use Google Meet to hold

  • impromptu meetings on the go
  • international virtual training classes
  • remote interviews
  • and more

Google Meet allows a meeting for up to 100 people at a time (unlimited meeting duration).

How to create or join a Google Meet session

There are a number of ways to create or join a Google Meet session:

  • Go to meet.google.com.
  • Go to MyUWF and search for Google Meet.
  • Log in to your UWF Gmail account, click the Apps icon in the top right (1), and then click Meet (2).

    Apps icon and Google Meet icon

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