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Golf Cart and Motorized Utility Vehicle Safety Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to safely operate golf carts and other motorized utility vehicles on the UWF campus. This training must be completed before operating a motorized cart on UWF property.


Part 1 - PowerPoint

Begin by reviewing the PowerPoint presentation below.

Part 2 - Operating Procedures

Review the Operating Procedures contained at this link. Anyone who operates a UWF golf cart or other motorized utility vehicle must abide by these procedures at all times.

Part 3 - Annual Inspection Form

Review the Annual Inspection Form contained at this link. Note that this inspection must be completed annually. Copies of the form are to be retained with the department and sent to UWF Environmental Health and Safety.

Part 4 - Quiz

Please return to SCOOP and pass the quiz to complete this training.


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