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H: drives (also referred to as Home folders) provide UWF students, faculty, and staff with electronic storage space on the UWF server. The H: drive is a secure storage space for academic and work-related files. Files on the H: drive can only be viewed after logging in with your username and password. Saving to your H: drive is much like saving to your computer’s hard drive but with the added benefits of regular backups and the ability to access your files from any computer with an Internet connection.

How to Open Your H: Drive

Your H: drive can be opened from the File Storage app in MyUWF. Links to H: are also available in eDesktopcomputer labs, and on many office computers. More advanced users can access their drives with Secure FTP.


Storage Limits

Students are allocated 5 GB.

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075