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Leaving UWF?

You can take your files with you.  The University offers storage of files that are linked directly to your UWF ArgoNet account.  Once your ArgoNet account is downgraded to a limited access MyUWF account, your files and email messages will be deleted and cannot be recovered.


Your official UWF email address was issued to you for the purposes of facilitating your business with the University If you have set up your UWF email address as the primary account on any computers/mobile devices, online sites and services, or have used your UWF email as a password recovery email address, we strongly recommend you change from your UWF email address to a personal email address as soon as possible.  We also strongly recommend that you remove all files from your H drive and Google account before your ArgoNet account is downgraded.  If you do not already have a personal email address, you can create a free Google account.


To export your UWF account Google data, see Google Takeout.

For information on UWF H drives, see File Storage: Personal H: Drive.


ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075