Is Your Degree Audit Available?

  • Your Degree Works audit is available if it shows "Active Catalog."   If your catalog year is 2015, then once the catalog is finalized, you will see "Active Catalog."  Until that time, the information in your audit is based on 2014 information.
  • Your Degree Works audit is not available if it shows "MAJOR BLOCK NOT FOUND.  SEE YOUR ADVISOR."  If your catalog year is before 2008, you are likely to see this message.   Contact your advisor for more information.

Why does my degree audit show two (2) majors?

  • Students have requested to change their major, may see 2 majors listed on their degree audit. If the major change will not be effective for the current term (either due to student request or missed deadline), both the "old" and "new" major will appear. Once the new academic term begins, the old major should fall off the audit, leaving only the new major.

New Degree Audit Features

  • Class History - Lists your course work by semester, including transfer work.
  • What-If Audit - Allows you to view how your coursework would apply to a different program.
  • Term GPA Calculator - Displays your UWF GPA and can project how potential grades would impact the UWF GPA.
  • FAQ - Information regarding these features is available by clicking on the FAQ tab at the top of your audit.

Course Planner

  • Degree Works is a third party product with continual upgrades and features.  By Fall 2015, the Degree Works "Plan" feature will be available for students to map out/plan classes leading up to graduation.

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