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Information and instructions on how to change your major, declare a double major or dual degree, add/change a minor, declare an AA or certificate, etc.

Undergraduate students who wish to change their program, have been accepted to UWF for an upcoming semester, and have not registered for courses for their first semester at UWF should contact the Office of Admissions.

  •  If you have already registered courses for your first semester at UWF, please follow the change of major (CoM) guidelines for continuing undergraduate students. Continuing students (students who have been admitted and/or enrolled in previous semesters) may change their major at any point in time, but the actual date of CoM submission dictates what term the CoM will be effective.
  • Students receiving Financial Aid of any type should check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding change of program implications on their student loan eligibility.
  • Changing your major can also potentially affect your Excess Hours surcharge.
  • Student-athletes, veterans, and TRiO students must also seek approval from an Athletic, Veteran, or TRiO advisor in addition to the specific college Academic Advisor, Department Chair, or Dean.  For qualifying students, changes will not be processed without an Athletic or Veteran Advisor signature.


For additional information pertaining to declaring/changing a major, minor, certificate, etc., please refer to the Majors & Minors portion of the Office of the Registrar website.

How do I change my major or minor?

  1. Undergraduate students seeking to change their major or minor must complete a Change of Major Form.
  2. Completed forms should be delivered to Building 18 (Main Campus), faxed, or emailed to the Office of the Registrar.
    1. Major and minor changes/declarations will not be processed without the appropriate signatures.
    2. Phone requests and/or emails without an attached and completed form will not be processed.
    3. If you are removing a major/minor, no signatures are required; simply complete the Minor/Major Deletion section of the form and submit to the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Graduate students should seek assistance through the Graduate School.


Students pursuing a Certificate (at any level) must declare their Certificate using the Declaration of Certificate form.

Associate of Arts (AA Degrees)

Students pursuing an AA degree must "declare" their AA the same way a major/minor is declared.

  • Complete the Undergraduate Change of Major Form (even for a graduate level certificate), with "AA Degree" indicated as the Secondary Major.
  • This MUST be done PRIOR to submitting a Graduation Application.

For additional information:

Undergraduate: Undergraduate Catalog- Change of Major

Graduate: Graduate Catalog- Change of Program



 When will the change of major become effective?

CoM forms submitted prior to the end of drop/add week will be effective that semester. For forms received after the end of add/drop week, the major/minor change will not be effective until the following semester and will include the corresponding catalog year.

 How often can students change their major?

Students may change their major multiple times, but with the consequences of possibly extending their academic career and accruing Excess Credit Hour Surcharges. Students are encouraged to seek academic advisement from the department offering the new major to determine the length of the new curriculum prior to changing a major, e.g. what existing credits will or will not count towards the new program, are there additional requirements such as external exams (Education degrees), etc.

 Who do I contact for questions regarding changing major?
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