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This page provides information and instructions for student facilitators in the Data Analytics Lab (DAL).The DAL is located in Building 79 Room 171. 

panoramic view of DAL


The DAL is controlled by a Crestron control panel located on the instructor lectern. The instructor lectern also houses a SMART Sympodium monitor, BluRay player, and SMART document camera. 

Turn On the System

Step 1

Touch the Crestron control panel to wake up the system. 

Step 2

Enter the passcode and press Enter.

enter password

Step 3

The home screen for the control panel will look like the image below. There are three modes for the DAL; Instructor Mode, Small Group Mode, and Showcase Mode

three modes

Instructor Mode

Instructor Mode allows the instructor to push the content that is displayed on the instructor lectern monitor (or Blu-Ray and Document Camera) to all of the 70 inch pod displays in the room.

Step 1

To enter Instructor Mode, press the Instructor Mode button highlighted below.

Step 2

Choose a Source (PC, Blu-Ray, or Doc Cam).

Step 3

Choose a Destination (Preview Monitor, Instructor Display, All Displays). If you chose All Displays, you will send the source to all of the 70 inch monitors in the room. This is the most common use of Instructor Mode. 

The Preview Monitor is the monitor located on the instructor lectern while the Instructor Display is the 70 inch monitor located on the back wall of the classroom. The Instructor Display by default will mirror the Preview Monitor on the lectern so that the instructor can move around the room, but still see content on the lectern monitor.

preview monitor

Small Group Mode

Small group Mode allows the students at each pod to take over the 70 inch monitor at their pod.

Step 1

To enter Small Group Mode, press the Small Group Mode button as highlighted below. 

preview monitor

Step 2

Instruct students to click the AirMedia icon on their individual computers. 

airmedia icon

Showcase Mode

Showcase Mode allows students at a Pod to present their work on all of the 70 inch displays in the room. 

Step 1

To enter Showcase Mode, press the Showcase Mode button on the Crestron control panel as highlighted below.  

Step 2

Choose a Pod that will present. Pod 1 is chosen below. Once you have chosen a pod, the microphones at that pod will turn on and the students at that pod can present. 

preview monitor

Individual Student Presentations

If you would like for an individual student to present from a Pod, follow the steps above and then click on an individual student from the Quad View. 

button to press to project student presentation to entire classroom

Microphones and Audio

To adjust the Microphone level in the room, press the Microphone icon as shown below.

mic button

On this screen you can control the Lectern Microphone, the Wireless Lapel Microphone, the Student Microphones at each Pod, and the Master Volume. To turn on the microphone at a individual Pod, press the microphone icon that is associated with the Pod. 

master volume control

Shut Down the System

Step 1

To shutdown the system and turn off all displays, press the Shut Down button on the control panel.

shut down button

Step 2

Then press Yes.

confirming to shut down the system




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