This document will provide students with instructions on how to view course tuition and fee assessment for a term.


To access the Course Fees app, log into MyUWF and search for Cost by Course and select the app.

From the Web

Selecting a term and student

Once logged in, you will be required to choose a term to view course fees for.  The current term will be selected by default.  Possible choices include all terms that you are or were enrolled in back to Fall 2014.  Once a term is chosen, click Go.

Semester dropdown, and Go button

It may be possible that a term you are enrolled in does not have fees assessed for it yet.  If this is the case, and message will be displayed to let you know.

notice for terms without assessed fees

Viewing Course Fees and Annotations

Each course you are enrolled in will be displayed along with the hours, the total tuition and fees, the per credit hours amount, and the material, supply, and/or equipment fees.  Some courses may require annotations, which will be marked and annotated in a legend at the bottom of the course listing.

courses marked as having flat rates


Printing Course Fees

It may be necessary to print your course fees.  To do so, click the print icon.

Print icon

This will open the print view in a new tab, and a print dialog will automatically open for you to print the course fees for the term.

Print version of fees

From a mobile device

The functionality of the app will remain the same with the exception of printing.  The layout is slightly different from a mobile device.

Selecting a term

selecting a term, from a mobile device

Viewing Course Fees and Annotations

Viewing fees, from a mobile device  courses marked as having flat rates, from a mobile device


This app is intended to show the assessment of your tuition and fees for the selected semester.  There is a link provided directly to CashNet for your convenience should you need to pay your bill, etc from the app.

link to CashNet