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Besides UWF Postal Services’ Campus Mail and U.S. Mail Services the UWF Courier Service and other expedited mail services are available to UWF departments and offices. The following should help in determining which service to use and how to get more information about using them. Your office or departmental return address is required on all Courier Mail.

UWF Courier

The UWF Courier System is operated by UWF Postal Services free of charge and can be contacted by calling 474-2436.  Details and questions concerning UWF Courier operations, the schedule, and exact pickup and delivery stops should be addressed with UWF Postal Services. The UWF Courier departs UWF at 8:00 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

UWF departments, offices and organizations can utilize the UWF Courier Service by printing the off-campus address and the words “UWF COURIER” boldly on the item to be delivered, placing it in the Campus Mail System or dropping it off at the UWF Post Office service window in the University Commons, Building 22. The UWF Courier can carry items that one person can handle and place in a minivan, and is intended for intercampus pickup and delivery of items between the UWF Main Campus in Pensacola and various off-campus locations and sites.  It is not intended for delivery of heavy furniture and equipment items. Locations change occasionally so check with UWF Postal Services if you have a question.  Current locations and sites include:

Pickup & Delivery locations served MWF (on operational days) on the UWF Main Campus are:

  • Florida Public Archeology (FPAN)
  • Pensacola Historic Trust
  • Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) – at UWF – FWB
  • Florida SBDC – Downtown (Suntrust)
  • Cybersecurity – UWF
  • Fort Walton Beach Campus
  • FWB Library
  • Haas Center Downtown (Suntrust)
  • UWF Global Online
  • Innovation Institute
  • Clinical Trials
  • Haas Center Historic
  • The UWF Fort Walton Beach Campus (Main Office, Library & Bookstore)
  • Fort Walton Beach Small Business Development Center
  • Eglin Air Force Base Center @FWB Campus

Pickup & Delivery locations served with advanced notification (x2436) on UWF Main Campus are:

  • Controller (Payroll, Cashier, Student Accounts)
  • Information Technology Services-­‐Media Center.
  • UWF Bookstore

Federal Express (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS)

FedEx and UPS also provide overnight and other expedited pickup and delivery services to University departments, offices and organizations. These services, for official University (not personal) business, are provided at a discounted rate under contract with UWF or the State. The Procurement and Contracts Office is responsible for administering the University’s FedEx/UPS service programs. Please visit MyUWF > Go Shopping app to find out information and more details, rates, supplies, and schedules. Each department/program is responsible for setting up their respective accounts.

FedEx and UPS also provide a collection box in the WUWF (water tower parking Lot B) for official University and unofficial (personal) packages. FedEx and UPS deliver packages and mail directly to addressees’ offices, organizations or departments. The only exception is that FedEx and UPS deliver items directly UWF Postal Services for students. Prepaid return items (UWF official or personal) can be dropped off at the UWF Post Office for pickup by delivery drivers. The prepaid label from UPS, FedEx, or USPS must be attached to the item.  UWF Postal Services is not responsible for personal return items.

Alternative Delivery Services

Other delivery services are rarely used by UWF for outbound official mail. Incoming deliveries from other services may be delivered to UWF Postal Services or directly to the addressee on campus. Use of the U.S. Postal Services’ mail services through UWF Postal Services or the discounted services of FedEx or UPS is encouraged.

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