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Record your Narration

  • Open your slides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 (Windows only).
  • Go to the SlideShow tab.
  • Click Record Slide Show.
  • Tip 1: Try not to speak while transitioning between slides, it may cut you off.
  • Tip 2: Use PowerPoint's Laser Pointer to focus on key points.
  • Once you've finished recording your narration, press Esc to exit the recording process.
  • Save your presentation to a safe place on your computer.
  • Listen to the presentation to be sure it meets your expectations.

Export Presentation as Video (MP4)

  • Once the presentation is finished, click the File menu in PowerPoint.

  • Select Export, and then Create Video.
  • Leave these default settings:
    • Computer & HD Displays
    • Use Recorded Timings and Narration
  • Click the Create Video button.

  • Watch the Creating Video progress bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window to know when the video is done.


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