General-purpose labs are free to use and open to all students, faculty, and staff. The UWF Computer Lab Policies are listed below.

Computer Lab Policies

UWF has several policies that inform students about the appropriate use of technology on campus governed by the policies below and the Computer Usage Agreement.

  • Absolutely no food, drinks, or tobacco products are allowed in the lab.
  • Priority use for all computers is given for academically related purposes. When lab use is heavy, students using computers for nonacademic reasons may be asked to surrender their computers.
  • Pornography of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Altering the configuration of lab hardware or software is prohibited.
  • Students must use only their OWN ArgoNet accounts for access to lab computers.
  • Locking computer stations is not permitted. Any station found locked will be rebooted immediately enabling access for other students.
  • Users may not use the computers to commit any illegal actions, such as copying or downloading copyrighted software.
  • When listening to music or sound files, headphones must be used. We do not provide headphones.
  • Certain computers may be reserved for specific software applications. Users requiring the use of these applications have priority at these specific computers.
  • Recreational computer games are NOT permitted.
  • Any unauthorized software or personal files left on the hard drive of the PC will be promptly removed.


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