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This page explains the application process for non-UWF students for the Catalyst and Village Study Abroad Programs. For help with the process, please contact International Programs at 


Following these instructions to complete the Non-UWF Student Application for Globalizedu programs, The Catalyst and The Village. 

Create a Dynamic Forms Account

Create a Dynamic Forms account following the instructions at

Begin the UWF GlobalizEdu Application for Non-UWF Students

Apply to your GlobalizEdu program at UWF using the electronic form at (You must be logged into your Dynamic Forms account when you click the link for this to work).

Start the form by selecting Complete This Form.

complete this form button

Once the form has started, you may select Save Progress at the botttom of any page and come back to the form in your Dynamic Forms account under My Pending/Draft Forms. Closing the form without selecting "Save Progress" will not save the form. 

Complete Personal Information

Complete the Form as indicated with your personal information, Emergency Contact Information and Permanent Address. 

personal information section

permanent address and citizenship fields

Students who respond No to the statement "I am a U.S. citizen." will need to enter additional information. 

additional questions about non citizens

If you have your passport, upload a copy of the photo page to this section of the form before selecting Next. 

Compete Academic History

Enter the academic information requested including the information for your home institution. 

academic history section

Complete your Conduct History

Reply to each question and include details if you answer yes to either question. 

conduct history section

Complete the Study Abroad Program Agreement, Waiver, and Release

Complete this section with your full name. Acknowledge each section by checking the box by "I understand and agree" by each clause as you read.

Study Abroad Program Agreement, Waiver, and Release

At the end of the Agreement, Waiver, and Release, confirm you have read the full agreement and agree by selecting Yes from the provided dropdown menu. 

release of legal rights section

Select your GlobalizEDU Program

program selection

Move Through GlobalizEdu Director Approval

Select Next to move to the last page of the form. The Director Approval and ID number will take place after you submit the form. 

director approval

Sign the Form Electronically

Electronically sign the form with your name as shown. Select "Sign Electronically" to submit the form. 

electronic signature section

After submitting the electronic form linked in this step, your application will be processed and you will receive additional information from UWF. 


If you have any problems with the form, please contact