This form is used by doctoral students to select the format for their dissertation. Students may select either a traditional dissertation format or a Dissertation in Practice project (DiP). Students may review the structural guidelines and rubrics for both styles on the UWF Doctoral Digital Platform website. See the Dissertation Toolbox.  



Step 1

Log into MyUWF and search for "Ed.D. Program - Dissertation Format Selection Form"

image of searching for form in MyUWF

Step 2

Complete form as indicated. Most of your student information will auto-populate. You will need to manually input your contact phone number and your doctoral earned hours

Student will also type their tentative dissertation topic or area of focus and then select the dissertation format. 

image of page one of dissertation format selection form

Step 3

If you selected "Traditional Dissertation" above, simply type your name to sign electronically and submit online. 

dissertation format selection form - sign electronically page

If you selected "Dissertation in Practice" above, click the radio button for the type of Dissertation in Practice (Program Evaluation, Action Research, or Policy Analysis).

Then, type your name to sign electronically and submit online as indicated above. 

type of dissertation in practice (program evaluation, action research, or policy analysis)


UWF Ed.D. students may contact their academic advisor for login information.