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(green star)  The following information is for very specific programs within the College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS). To provide an outstanding educational experience, UWF operates using a perpetual enrollment model to support select student degree programs. 

  • At this time, most UWF (and CEPS) programs do not operate using this model. 
  • If your CEPS degree program follows a perpetual enrollment model, you will be contacted to submit the CEPS Perpetual Enrollment Model - Student Acknowledgment form.
  • Degree programs that follow a collaborative scheduling model provide a clear course rotation and allow academic advisors to predict when a course will be offered. With these models in place, students are automatically registered each semester. This process ensures students are progressing through the program and ultimately graduating on time!
  • If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Advisor.


Step 1 -

You must first log into MyUWF. The form link in step 2 below will not work unless you are first signed into MyUWF.

Step 2 - Access CEPS Perpetual Enrollment Model - Student Acknowledgment form via this LINK.

Your student information should auto-populate. Please review the information and check the acknowledgment box.

If you do not have a secondary program, please leave that box clear. Click Next.

page 1 of perpetual enrollment form - acknowledgment statement

Step 3 - Type your name in the boxes - Click Sign Electronically

image of Electronic Signature in dynamic form

Your form will then be routed to your advisor and filed as part of your student record.