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This page provides instructions on how to change the channel on a clicker.


Clickers are automatically set to Channel 41. To check your channel, click the Channel button on your clicker. The window box on the clicker should show 41. In rare cases, your instructor may wish to use a different channel. If your clicker is set on a channel other than 41 or if your instructor is using a channel other than channel 41, you can change the channel by following the steps below. 

Step 1

Press the Channel button on your device and your current channel setting should appear. The default channel for clickers is Channel 41.  

handheld clicker

Step 2

When the light blinks orange and green enter the new channel. For instance, if your instructor uses Channel 45, press the 4 button and then the 5 button. 

Step 3

Press the Channel button again. 

Step 4

Wait about 20 seconds and then press the Channel button again. The new channel should appear in the clicker window.  


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