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The Campus Mail System is used to provide internal distribution of official mail at the University. Campus Interdepartmental/interoffice mail service is provided by UWF Postal Services to the main University campus once each workday to most locations. Campus Mail, as well as First-Class and Priority Express Mail, is assigned the highest priority in sorting and delivery. The Campus Mail System is provided free of charge, and all interoffice/interdepartmental mail requires no postage. University academic and administrative units, officially recognized University groups and organizations, and University students and employees are authorized to utilize the Campus Mail System. All mail (including Campus Mail) must be placed at mail stop locations and areas designated for this purpose in each department/building. All mail will be picked up and delivered at these same locations. Mail must be separated clearly by category: mail to be processed and metered by UWF Postal Services; bulk mail; campus mail; resident student mail; mail for the UWF courier; and personal stamped U.S. Postal Service mail. International mail should be separated from the domestic mail. UWF mailers should call 474-6208 if extra containers or postal supplies are needed. They should also call in advance to warn UWF Postal Services if larger than normal volumes or big mailings requiring carts/dollies will be needed.

UWF Postal Services operates under the Federal Private Express Statutes and State guidelines. Therefore, only official UWF mail is authorized to be placed into the Campus Mail system. Campus Mail may not be used for delivery or exchange of mail that is considered for private use or personal advantage. Greeting cards to individuals, personal notes or letters, personal party invitations and announcements, gifts, solicitations, advertisements or commercial mail etc. are not authorized.

Religious, political or chain letters, or offensive material is prohibited and may not be sent using Campus Mail. Mail, which appears to violate these rules, will be returned to the sender’s department.

Personal sealed and stamped letters may be placed in Campus Mail for same day postmark and placement into the U.S. Postal Service mail stream.

The UWF Postal Services Manager and Assistant Manager are authorized to open undeliverable Campus Mail in order to determine the addressee for proper distribution.

Postal Charge Memo

All outgoing U. S. Mail to be processed and metered is required to be accompanied by a barcoded UWF Postal Charge Memo. This is how departments tell UWF Postal Services to handle their mail, including the class of mail and services they want. Mail without a memo will not be picked up for processing.

The UWF Postal Charge Memo is a 4” x 5” form that has the customer’s BANNER Index number barcoded on top, the account name, the department, and selections for the class of mail and type of services desired. The customer must fill in the form completely.  The memo must be dated and signed legibly by someone designated and authorized by the account holder. These Charge Memos should be kept in a safe place and given the same level of security as you would give to your own personal checkbook. View a sample UWF Postal Charge Memo along with instructions for completion. The barcode is scanned so that, as mail is processed, postage charges can be recorded and charged to the proper Banner index. Completed memos are annotated with the postage charges and number of pieces metered and kept on file for one year.

The completed memo must be attached to or bundled with the mail securely and placed prominently on top or in front of the container so that it can be easily found by the postal clerk processing the mail. The memo should not be stapled or glued. Tape is not recommended, but if used should not be placed on the address information or in such a way that it will tear the mail piece upon removal. “Removable” tape is encouraged

UWF Postal Charge Memos can be obtained from UWF Postal Services. They may be requested through Campus Mail, email or the Postal Services web site or go to MyUWF > Postal Services Forms app, select the appropriate FY Charges you wish to view. Non-barcoded memos are available at the Post Office window if you run out. Because they require barcode preparation, printing, and distribution, plan on about 2 to 3 days to receive your master copy for you to reproduce as needed.

Account holders should destroy all old UWF Postal Charge Memos when the account is deactivated or no longer authorized to accept postal charges.  After destruction, customers should notify UWF Postal Services by email or at 474-2437 of accounts to be blocked from future mail processing and charges.

Departmental Billing

UWF Postal Services maintains advanced deposit permit accounts with the U.S. Postal Service and pre-deposited funds in the University’s postage meters in order to process the University’s mail   every day. These funds are replenished by postage “chargebacks” to departments utilizing postal services. At the beginning of the month a copy of monthly billing will be placed online or go to MyUWF > Postal Services Forms app > Select FY Charges you wish to view. Each account is charged by Financial and Accounting Services for the previous month’s postage charges. These charges include postage for metered mail, bulk (Standard) mail, Business Reply Mail and Postage Due charges. How to View Monthly Postal Charges

All departments should validate each month’s billing as reflected in the FIN000001 Financial Activity report provided in Accounting and Finance section of “Information Navigator” via MyUWF. Any questions or discrepancies should be directed to the UWF Postal Services’ Manager at 474-2437 or Assistant Manager at 474-3211.

Campus Mail Addressing and Forwarding

Correctly addressed Campus Mail is given priority. In order to make mail sorting expeditious and efficient Campus Mail must be addressed completely and accurately so that even an inexperienced clerk can read and sort it to the correct mailbox. If the address is insufficient and a destination determination cannot be made quickly, mail will be placed in an separate mail bin to be sorted later as time permits. Therefore, poorly addressed mail may be delayed or even returned.

Resident Student Mail should be addressed:                                           

Student’s Full Name

Student’s 5-­‐digit Mailbox Number

Campus Mail should be addressed as follows:                                         

Name of Addressee

Office/Department Name

Building # (Room # is optional)

Name of addressee (required). If known, the name of the individual or the position should be provided. The department or office name is acceptable as the name of the addressee if no individual

or position is known. This will expedite mail Campus Mail forwarding within the addressee’s department and help postal clerks sort mail in Postal Services.

Office/Department (required). This helps in sorting mail to buildings where there are several departments or offices.

Building (required). This is critical to delivery of all mail. The building number or identification must also be checked for accuracy since changes frequently occur.

Room # (optional). If known the room number is useful for personnel sorting the mail for departments, offices and buildings to expedite delivery.

Inter-Campus Mail to off-campus UWF locations and may be placed in Campus Mail but must be clearly identified.  

Typewritten/machine printed addresses are preferred.  If hand written addresses are used print clearly in plain block letters and use the Campus Mail Routing Slip described below. Address labels for employees are available through the Office of Human Resources. Call 474-2694 and describe the group of labels needed

Mail Forwarding Policy: Most mail addressed to employees is considered departmental, not private individual mail, and intended for the employee filling a job or position in the department. Employees are not authorized to receive personal mail at work using the Campus Mail System. Mail for any department is intended for departmental purposes and is assumed to be substantially related to the department’s purpose and mission. Therefore when an individual leaves a department, mail will still be forwarded to the department.  It is the department’s responsibility to determine if the mail needs to be kept in the department for a new or replacement employee, forwarded to the old employee or disposed of. UWF Postal Services delivers mail as addressed and does not make decisions for departments on mail for individuals in each department. It is the department’s responsibility also to advise employees who are transferring, changing locations or leaving to notify potential mailers of their change of address. It is important that the Office of Human Resources be notified of changes so that the database can be updated and labels requested through them will be accurate. Additionally, departments may notify UWF Postal Services if employees transfer to other UWF locations. A sincere attempt will be made to deliver their mail to the new department.

Campus Mail Envelopes and Routing Slips

UWF Campus Mail is routed to the intended recipient using addressed or labeled, plain or recycled envelopes, single sheets (names highlighted), bi- or tri-folded mail pieces, sealed packages or bundled packages. For economy of funds, and to avoid waste, UWF does not utilize a standardized interoffice/department envelope. Each campus mailer should keep used envelopes of all sizes to place Campus Mail in when needed and reseal them with tape or brads. Staples are not recommended for safety reasons. Free rubber bands are available from Postal Services upon request for bundling mail. Mailers should avoid using preprinted UWF envelopes unless the nature of the mailing requires it (e.g. a mass mailing, official correspondence, etc.).

A UWF Campus Mail Routing Slip should be securely taped to each recycled envelope and used for addressing mail. Routing slips come in small and large sizes. Routing slips may be reproduced from the Routing Slip Templates (PDF). The routing slips should be completed fully on the first available blank line. Do not place the address between previous markings. The previous addresses should be completely lined out to avoid confusion. When the routing slip is completely filled the envelope should be disposed of or the routing slip replaced.

Bulk or Mass Campus Mailings

Large mailings for departments on campus are sorted and delivered by Postal Services but should be prepared, broken down and bundled by the sending department using rubber bands or other means by department and building number. They should also be submitted in numerical building order. A mass blanket mailing to UWF employees using Campus Mail can be submitted with or without names and campus addresses. Those with names and campus addresses should be submitted in bundles by department and in building order. Labels may be printed by the department from lists provided by the Office of Human Resources. These lists are available online by visiting MyUWF and selecting the “Information Navigator” app and selecting the OHR000021 report “Employee Mailing Information Request Report Form – Basic”, or the OHR000022 “Advanced Form”. An Excel spreadsheet is generated and used to print the labels or for a mail merge. For information about mailing lists from Human Resources, call 474-2694. A mailing for all employees without labels and names can be submitted in bulk. Quantity to print can be determined by visiting MyUWF and selecting the “Information Navigator” app and selecting the OHR000029 report “Employee Job Counts” to determine the number of employees and departments for distribution. Use these estimates to determine the number of copies to make for large or mass UWF mailings to faculty and staff or departments.

Breakdown the copies, band them in groups in the order shown, and identify each group by building in order to facilitate the speed and accuracy of sorting and delivery. Each piece should be labeled if you want them delivered individually, or unlabeled for a blanket delivery to all employees. They may be enveloped or folded, and may be taped, tabbed or sealed if desired. Mass mailings not submitted to UWF Postal Services in this manner may be delayed and may be returned for proper preparation. If we need to increase or decrease the number of flyers distributed to your department, organization or office, or if you have any questions, please call 474-3211 or 474-2437.

Departments and organizations sending large mailings to students residing in the Residence Halls must put the mail in student mailbox order. Blanket mailings, 8½”x11” or larger, should be single or tri-folded to fit in the 4½”x3½”x15½” mailbox with no name or box number on the mail piece. There are 2,264 mailboxes in the Post Office, but all are not active. Call 474-2441 for a current student mailbox population status.

Postal Services can seal regular and business size envelopes for Campus Mailings with our mail processing machines. Plan on sealing service adding a little more time for distribution. Envelopes requiring sealing must be prepared with the flaps open, nested into each other and secured with a rubber band. To avoid delays, UWF organizations, offices and departments sending large campus mailings should prepare the mail so that it is mailable with no additional preparation required by UWF Postal Services. Some odd-sized envelopes are difficult to run, take longer to process, and if possible should be tucked, taped, or pre-sealed. Large flyers or brochures should be folded at least once. If a single sheet, it does not have to be sealed, stapled, taped or tabbed. Multiple sheets must be attached together by tape, tabs or some other means. Staples should be avoided for safety reasons.

Mail Security

All mail is protected against opening unless Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA). The UWF Postal Manager and Assistant Postal Manager are authorized to open any UAA First-Class mail addressed to the University and all Campus Mail to determine the recipient. The mail will then be forwarded to the addressee, or if unknown, returned to the sender. Mail that is very sensitive in nature should be marked “CONFIDENTIAL” by the mailer. This mail, if UAA, will be returned to sender unopened. Never send cash in Campus or U.S. Mail.

Security of mail is a high priority of UWF Postal Services. Mail in the possession of mail personnel is either locked up or under constant observation. Security of mail in offices and departments at mail pickup and delivery areas is the responsibility of the mailers. Theft or tampering with U.S. Mail is a violation of federal law and will be investigated by the UWF Police and U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

An internal secure system is available to UWF Offices and Departments to send mail to employees or students without using the U.S. Post Office system and/or postage. This system provides the sender verification of receipt and is used to send important mail and to obtain a signature of the addressee upon receipt (similar to Certified/Return Receipt mail). The system utilizes numbered UWF Campus Mail slips and UWF Campus Return Receipts. The addressee must sign for the mail and the Return Receipt is returned to the sender. For forms please call 474-2436.

Campus Mail Routes and Schedules

UWF Postal Services provides mail pickup and delivery service once daily to most departments and buildings along three primary routes. The morning run begins at 10:00 AM in the Fall/Spring and at 9:00 AM in the summer semesters. One additional special purpose route is run once each day – the Mail Collection Box Run at 3:00 PM for campus collection boxes and Crosby Hall, Building 10, President’s and Executives’ offices. The UWF Mail Routes and Stops (PDF) list provides a description of each route and mail stop. Departments requiring a special pickup should call 474-2436 for arrangements. Postal Clerks try to stay on schedule, but sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, arrival times may vary slightly.

Mail picked up from a department on campus going to another department on campus is generally delivered during the next delivery on campus, but no later than the next business day. Remember that incorrect addressing, environmental conditions, personnel shortages, equipment failures, etc. can delay mail, but every effort is made to move the mail as efficiently as possible.

If desired and at any time departments may also bring Campus Mail to the UWF Post Office lobby in the University Commons, Building 22 and drop it off at the window or in the collection slot, or they may drop mail into the blue mail collection boxes at various campus locations (See information on U.S. Postal Service Mail Collection below). Departments and offices in the University Commons, Building 22 should pickup and drop off their Campus Mail at the Post Office window.

Any changes in the schedule, pickup and delivery locations and routes must be approved by the UWF Postal Services Manager. Call 474-2437 or send an e-­‐mail to request changes and submit justification. Our goal is to serve our customers efficiently, and in order to accomplish this and continue convenient service; we must keep our pickup and delivery areas to a minimum, preferably one per building at ground level.

U.S. Postal Service and Mail Collection Schedule

The U.S. Postal Service picks up and delivers mail at UWF at 7:30 AM and at 3:45 PM daily, Monday through Friday and on Saturday at 7:30 AM. All mail that is ready for dispatch will be placed on the mail truck at these times for entry into the mail stream.

UWF Postal Services will collect mail in the U.S. Mail collection boxes on campus at 3:00 PM Monday through Friday for pickup by the USPS at the above times.  These collection boxes are located in the Post Office Lobby, Village East and West apartments parking lots, Pace Hall, Argo Hall, Heritage/Presidents Hall, Martin Hall, WUWF Radio (parking lot B), and near College of Business, Building 74, and Foundation, Building 12.

UWF Postal Services must receive departmental Mail requiring processing by 3:00 PM Monday through Friday in order to be postmarked and processed in time for pickup by the USPS Mail truck on the same day.

Incoming Mail Handling

U. S. Postal Service mail arrives at UWF Postal Services at approximately 7:30 AM Monday through Saturday. Campus Mail arrives upon return of the Postal Clerks from their routes and when hand carried to the dock or Post Office window. Mail is sorted to the office/departmental and student mailboxes immediately upon arrival then bundled for delivery or processing as required.

All First Class letters, Priority Mail, Courier Mail, packages and Campus Mail are picked up and delivered once daily Monday through Friday in the Campus Mail System and are given the highest priority. This mail is normally delivered the same day received, except for mail from the last Campus Mail run. Mail received for processing by 3:00 PM will be metered and dispatched the same day.

Standard Mail (bulk mail) is processed within 24-72 hours and campus bulk or mass mailings are normally delivered within 24 hours.

Priority Express, Certified, Registered, Insured, Signature Confirmation, and C.O.D Mail is considered accountable mail and requires scanning and signatures of addressees.  UWF Postal Services serves as the authorized agent of the University for the receipt and delivery of this mail and signs for it or insures that the office/department signs for the mail as required. A peach-colored, barcoded Form 3849, Accountable Mail Notification, is prepared for each item for an authorized signature verifying delivery of the mail piece. The barcoded mail piece and the PS Form 3849 will then be electronically scanned and downloaded into the U. S. Postal Service’s national system to record the status of the item.

Priority Express Mail addressed to departments or individuals will be scanned as “arrived at unit” and/or the delivery being “attempted” when it arrives at UWF Postal Services. The mail piece, accompanied by a PS Form 3849 will be delivered to the addressee for signature during the next scheduled Campus Mail run. A signature of the addressee or an authorized department agent will be required upon delivery to the office, department or organization. After the Form 3849 is signed the Priority Express Mail piece will then be electronically scanned as “delivered”. Departments will be called immediately if Priority Express Mail arrives at UWF Postal Services after the last delivery has been made for the day. Departments may choose to pick it up at the UWF Post Office or have it delivered with the next scheduled Campus Mail run.

Priority and Parcel Mail with USPS Tracking barcodes will be scanned as “delivered” upon receipt by UWF Postal Services and then delivered to the office/department in the Campus Mail System on the next scheduled mail run. No signature is required for USPS Tracking Mail.

Certified and Insured Mail requires a signature from the addressee or department for delivery. Therefore, a peach-­‐colored, barcoded Postal Service Form 3849, Accountable Mail Notification, is prepared for each item and will be delivered with the mail piece to the Office/Department with the Campus Mail. After the Form 3849 is signed these items will all then be electronically scanned as “delivered”.

Return Receipts attached to incoming accountable mail will be delivered with the mail piece and must be signed by the addressee or office/department representative at the time of delivery. After signature, the Return Receipt is scanned and placed by the Postal Clerk into the U. S. Mail system to be returned to the sender.

Registered Mail or C.O.D articles must be picked up by the addressee at the UWF Post Office window upon presentation of the signed Form 3849, which will have been delivered in the Campus Mail notifying the departmental addressee of arrival at the Post Office. After the Form 3849 is signed these items will then be electronically scanned as “delivered”.


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