The purpose of the parent portal in CASHNet is to allow students to establish an account for their parent to access the student's account details and make payments on their account


 1.   A student establishes a parent login through their student CASHNet account in MyUWF. First, a student would log into MyUWF directly at http://my.uwf.edu with their ArgoNet username and password. 
 2.   Once logged into MyUWF search for CashNet - Pay Your Bills

CashNet Pay Your Bills in MyUWF

2.  From the CashNet main page select the My Account option on the left side of the page

Click My Account in CashNet

3. Click on Send a payer invitation to send a link to the person you would like to grant access to

Click Send payer invitation link

4. Fill out the information required and send a link directly to the person you would like to set up access for and click Send invitation
Payer Invitation information

5.  Once the student submits this information, the parent receives an email with their parent pin and a temporary password.  The parent has the ability to change their password once they log in.   

 email sent from cashnet containing parent pin and password

6.   The parent can access the parent portal through the link in the email or by accessing the "CASHNet for Parents and Families" app in MyUWF. The parent does not need to log into MyUWF to access this app.

 Login page for CashNet Parent and family

Once logged in the parent sees the same menu as the student and can view account details and pay.