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Although Collaborate is available within eLearning through the Online Rooms tool, it is also available through MyUWF to be used outside of the eLearning environment.


Access Blackboard Collaborate in MyUWF

  • Log in to MyUWF.
  • Look for, or type Blackboard Collaborate into the Search field.


Collaborate Session Management app

  • Follow the link to the Collaborate Session Management page.
  • On the left side under Resources, select Schedule a Meeting.

Schedule a Meeting link

  • Enter a name for the session and set start and end dates/times.
  • Click Create Session.

session name field and create the session button

  • You will receive an automated email notifying you that you have created a Blackboard Collaborate Session.
  • This email will contain your link to the session, as well as the link to send to participants.  Once you are in a Collaborate session, it operates the same as the Online Rooms version in eLearning.

email with invite links







































Resources and Reference Guides for Collaborate:

Converting Collaborate Recording to MP3 or MP4 Formats  NEW!

Collaborate Plan - Set up your session ahead of time  NEW!

ITS Helpdesk Resources

Instructors/Moderators Guide (may require a log in)

Participant Guide

Switching Between Collaborate Classic and Ultra


 How do I locate my meeting links if I lose them?

As previously mentioned, you should receive an email with both moderator and participant links.  However, should you lose this email, you can retrieve the links through the Utilities feature on the Collaborate Session Management page.

  • Go to Collaborate Session Management

Collaborate Session Management app

  • Click on the Utilities link at the top of the page

Utilities link

  • Click on the Meetings link

Meetings link

  • Either use the filter fields or click on the green Accept icon to locate your meeting

accept button

  • Locate your meeting and then click in the box to the left of the meeting name so that the meeting is highlighted
  • Select the Advanced icon

advanced icon

  • Here you will find both the Moderator and Participant links.  You can copy and paste the links into a browser or into an email to send to participants.  Be sure to send the Guest Link to your Participants and remember, as the Moderator, you will access the meeting through the Owner Link.




Log in to view these Atomic Learning Videos on Collaborate: