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Review Quiz Preparation steps before beginning an eLearning quiz. Use Recovery tips if the questions are not saving as you take the quiz.


Quiz Preparation Steps

  1. Use the Firefox web browser during quizzes (unless Respondus LockDown browser is required). (Also have the Google Chrome web browser available as a backup.) 

  2. Disable all pop-up blockers in your chosen web browser.

  3. Add  *  to the "Safe Sites" zone in Internet Options (accessible through Internet Explorer or the Windows Control Panel) and lower the security setting to the lowest setting.

  4. Make sure the latest version of Java and Adobe Reader are installed.

  5. Always restart your computer before taking a quiz. Once the computer has rebooted, do not open any other programs before taking the quiz in order to reduce possible errors.

  6. Instead of opening eLearning through MyUWF, log directly into eLearning at

  7. Optional: If you are worried about potential quiz problems, you may wish to write down your answers on a piece of paper as you go through the quiz.

Quiz Recovery Steps

If you notice that the questions are not saving as you take a quiz, or that you are not able to submit the quiz when finished, follow the steps below.

  1. Close the web browser immediately. Then, open the web browser again, log into eLearning at, go back to the quiz and click "continue quiz." 

  2. If the problem persists after restarting the quiz, try using a different web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer, unless Respondus LockDown browser is required).

  3. If the problem is severe and changing web browsers did not work, restart your computer.


Important: When taking a timed quiz, the quiz timer will begin running as soon as you confirm you would like to start the quiz and will NOT stop running until you submit the quiz, even if you exit eLearning. Be sure that you are ready to complete the quiz before beginning it.

Be sure to save your answers as you go. This will prevent you from losing any work you may have completed in the event that your internet browser suddenly stops working and/or crashes. It also ensures that questions answered during a timed quiz will be successfully submitted if you run out of time.


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