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If you have been approved for financial aid, your money will not be released until your instructor confirms your attendance. To receive financial aid on the normal distribution timeline, your attendance must be confirmed within seven calendar days of the course start date.

Courses with different start dates

If you are enrolled in courses that start throughout the semester, you will not receive any financial aid until your attendance has been confirmed for ALL courses. So, if your last course does not start until October, you will not receive your financial until the attendance has been confirmed for that course.

Students can see whether their attendance has been confirmed from the My Classes app in MyUWF. For online courses, you must actively participate in the course in order to have your attendance confirmed. For example, posting to a discussion or turning in an assignment can qualify as active participation; simply logging into a course does not qualify. For face-to-face courses, you must attend class within seven calendar days of the course start date.


If you have questions regarding your attendance confirmation, please contact the instructor of the course or the Office of Financial Aid.

Until you see a green check for your course, your attendance has not been confirmed and no money will be disbursed for that course.

Viewing Attendance Confirmation

Log into MyUWF ( and open the My Classes app.

A green checkmark indicates that your instructor has confirmed your attendance.

green checkmark

A red X indicates that your instructor reported that you did not attend class within seven calendar days of the course start date.

red x

If there is no indicator, then it is still within seven calendar days of the course start date and your instructor has not yet submitted your attendance information.

no indicator

Aid Disbursement

If your attendance is confirmed within seven days of the course start date, your financial aid will be disbursed on the normal timeline. If your attendance is confirmed eight days or more after the course start date, your financial aid will be disbursed on the next disbursement day. Aid is disbursed twice a week after the fee payment deadline; therefore, depending on the timing, it may take one week for aid to be disbursed.   

If you registered for a course after add/drop, you are not eligible for financial aid for that course.



 I have a red X, but I attended class. What should I do?

Consult with your instructor. If your instructor verifies your attendance, he/she can request a change to your attendance status. The Office of Financial Aid can then change your status in the system.

 If I do not attend class, will I be dropped from the course?

No, non-attendance does not drop or withdraw you from the course, or affect your registration. You must process a drop or withdraw for these actions to occur.

 What happens to my financial aid if I do not attend class?

You will only receive a financial aid disbursement for courses where your attendance was confirmed, but your student award will remain unchanged. If you register for a course that begins later, you may be eligible for the aid that did not disburse.

 I went to class, but didn't stay the whole time. Does that count for attendance?

That decision will be made at your instructor's discretion.

 How do I know if I've done enough in my online course to have my attendance confirmed?

Please consult with your instructor.