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Step 1

From the Home Screen, navigate to the Settings icon.


Step 2

In the Settings menu, select the Wi-Fi option.

Step 3

In the Wi-Fi menu, make sure the switch next to Wi-Fi is turned on.


Step 4

Under Wi-Fi networks, select uwf-argo-air.


Step 5

Once uwf-argo-air is selected, a menu should be displayed. The proper configuration for each field is as follows:

  • The EAP method field should be set to PEAP.
  • The Phase 2 authentication field should be set to MSCHAPV2.
  • The CA certificate field should be set to (unspecified).
  • The Identity field should be set as your ArgoNet username.
  • The Anonymous identity field should remain blank.
  • The Password field will be your ArgoNet password.


Step 6

Select the Connect option in the lower right-hand corner of the menu. The device will now connect to ArgoAir.

Forgetting the Network 

If you need to forget the network to re-connect please see the following guide:

Step 1

From the Home Screen, navigate to the Settings icon.

Step 2

In the Settings menu, select the Wi-Fi option.

Step 3

Under Wi-Fi networks, select MORE SETTINGS.

Step 4

Click uwf-argo-air, then click FORGET.

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