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OverviewThis page reviews the process for UWF students to apply for international exchange study with one of UWF's partner institutions outside of the US. Placements at partner institutions are limited to currently enrolled, degree-seeking UWF students. Deadlines for UWF approval for international exchange are dependent upon exchange deadlines at partner institutions. UWF students should complete the UWF application for International Exchange by the following dates:

Fall semester Exchange: Apply with International Programs by March 15

Spring Semester Exchange: Apply with International Programs by November 15

Summer Semester Exchange: Apply with International Programs by March 15

Some programs may be open for application after the listed date. Please contact International Programs at to confirm which programs are currently open for exchange application.


Review Application Requirements for Internship or Research Program

While the UWF requirement for study abroad is generally a 2.5 GPA and completion of at least one year of full-time university study, Internships and research placement abroad may have additional or higher requirements. Some programs have different minimum requirements for application. Students should review program specific requirements with a study abroad advisor before beginning the application. 

Discuss Credit Options with Your Academic Advisor

If you are planning to undertake internship or research for credit abroad, you should discuss credit options with your academic advisor. If you will be completing internship or research outside of the US for UWF credit, you should continue through the steps below. 

Complete the UWF Study Abroad Application Form

You should complete the Study Abroad Application Form with the relevant personal, academic and program information. 

Complete each page of the form. 

Page one requests student information and program information. 

page one of application

Page two requests academic information, financial information, and emergency contact.

page two of application

Page three is a confirmation of general understanding of the study abroad application requirements and process. 

page three of application

Submit the completed form to International Programs in Building 71

After submitting the application form linked in this step, your application will be processed and you will receive additional information from UWF International Programs.

Review Next Steps for Exchange Application

Be sure to review additional information provided about your program application. You can review sample information about program application at Completing Study Abroad Pre-Departure Requirements.

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