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This process explains how to apply for military benefits for a semester.


Step 1

Log into MyUWF and search for VA Enrollment Certification Form.  Click the app.

VA Enrollment Certification Form app

Step 2

You will be brought to the Military App.  You will be asked to pick a term you wish to apply for benefits and they type of assistance you are looking to apply for.

dropdown menus for assistance type and semester

If you are not enrolled in the selected term you will see the following.  You must be enrolled to apply for assistance.

not currently enrolled message

 Step 3

Each term you are required to 'Accept' the UWF Veteran Service Office Interview form.  If you have not so for the selected term you will see the form.  You must accept it prior to applying for benefits.  Once accepted you will be brought to the enrollment form.  If you have already accepted the interview for the selected term you will be automatically redirected to the enrollment form.

UWF veteran service office interview

Step 4

Depending on which assistance type you choose, you may be asked to fill out an enrollment form.  Choosing 'VA Benefits' or 'Both VA and TA Benefits' will require the enrollment form.

Complete the Enrollment form.  If any of the information in the Contact Information section is incorrect, click the 'Contact & Privacy Info' link to correct the information prior to filling out the enrollment form.  Most fields are required, but not all.  If anything is missing that is required when 'Submit' is clicked it will tell you what is still needed.

contact and privacy info link

course list, legal agreements, submit button

If you chose 'TA Benefits' there won't be anything to fill out and the request will automatically be sent.  You will see a message at the top of the screen indicating whether the enrollment was successfully sent to the VA's office.

notification for TA assistance request