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Why do we need Anti-Harassment Associate Certification training?

The University of West Florida community has a stake in maintaining a safe and respectful environment to work and learn. Preventing and remedying discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence on our campus is essential for staff and faculty to be productive and for students to live and learn to their full potential. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have the full cooperation and assistance of all employees to provide a workplace and academic environment that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention is a comprehensive training program that provides essential information that employees need to know about what constitutes unlawful discrimination and harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual violence in the workplace and academic settings. This UWF training is mandatory for all university employees and must be completed every two years. 

The training is presented in two parts. Part One examines Title VII, the law that protects individuals from age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, and veteran status-based discrimination and harassment. The training explores strategies to prevent discrimination and harassment, provides practical examples taken from case law based on workplace situations, and provides the tools to make a difference in the workplace and academic environment.  Part Two focuses on Title IX, the law that protects students and employees from sex-based and gender-based discrimination and harassment, which includes sexual violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, and differential treatment based on gender. This section defines key Title IX terms and protections, differentiates between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, explains employees’ roles and responsibilities, provides information on how to file a complaint, how to obtain interim measures, and where to go to receive support services.  


This procedure explains the steps a person must complete to become a "Anti-Harassment Associate."  All current employees must obtain their mandatory UWF certification by January 6, 2020.

Step 1

Search for "SCOOP"  in MyUWF, and click on the link.  You should see the "Anti-Harassment Associate" certification under "Roles and Certifications."  Please note: The AHA training is only available to individuals who have been "claimed" by a department. If you do not see this section, or if you cannot access SCOOP, please email

Step 2

Proceed with each module in the order listed.  Please note that LawRoom will list several other modules for you that you may be interested in taking.  Look for this particular AHA certification:

Step 3

As you complete a section, a checkmark will appear on SCOOP. (It may be up to an hour after you’ve completed the module.) Once the Lawroom training is complete and you click through the "Acknowledgement of Responsibilities," you will have completed the training, and the certificate icon will change colors from gray to blue/green.  In addition, under Roles, a link titled "Certified Anti-Harassment Associate" will appear.  This link provides information on all authorized Anti-Harassment Associates.  Once that happens, you're all set!  


Other References

University Policy P-13.08 Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

University Policy P-14.02 Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Violence, Gender-Based Discrimination and Retaliation

UWF Equal Opportunity Programs Services (EOP)

UWF Title IX Office


 Who needs training? How often?

In 2013, this training became mandatory for all university employees and must be repeated every two years.

 How do I take the training?

Please visit SCOOP to take this training. For more details, please see the "Instructions" section above.

 How long will the training take?

It is recommended you set aside at least two hours to complete all components of the training if you intend to do it all at once. (Your certification will be reflected as "Partially Complete" on SCOOP until all sections are finished.)  

 What do I need to complete the training?

You need a computer or laptop with access to the Internet.  The online training modules have videos, so headphones or speakers are required.

 Sounds like an awful lot of information. Will I be able to view it again?
You can revisit the modules and the quiz if you like.

 What are some screen reader options that work well with this training?

Two options are: MVDA Reader and Zoom Text. MVDA is available as a free download.

 What web browsers can I use to take the training?
The only browsers that we've found to be incompatible for parts of the training are Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge. Chrome is suggested.

The training is offered in an online-only format through SCOOP

  • Login to SCOOP
  • Scroll down to "Anti-Harassment Associate"
  • Follow the training link
  • Read through the content
  • Return to SCOOP and click the "Acknowledgement of Responsibilities" module listed in the appropriate section
  • Complete the acknowledgement

The training can be reviewed at any point after completing it.

What's a "Guide Icon"?

A "guide icon" provides you with a link to consolidated reference material (a guide) regarding whatever you are currently viewing. Guides can be developed for all kinds of things, such as roles, departments, and processes. It's a rather unique looking icon combining a book and a light bulb. The book indicates reference material exists to help you. The light bulb is to remind you that it's a "good idea" to click it.