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Apple now blocks all third-party cookies by default.  This applies to all versions of iOS 13.4 and higher, and all versions of Safari 13.1 and higher.  This Apple change is aimed to block websites from tracking your Internet activity as you visit other websites. 

Please note that this change may affect how you use UWF resources while using the Safari browser.  You are strongly advised to use another secure browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox; these are the recommended browsers. 

However, it's understandable if you need to continue using Safari.  The instructions below explain how you can allow third-party cookies in Safari.

If you're attempting to visit a website, but that website doesn't load or produces a message stating that your browser is not accepting cookies, then you will need to either use Chrome or Firefox, or follow the instructions below to allow third-party cookies in Safari.


Confirming your version of Safari

Before following the instructions below, confirm if Safari is 13.1 or newer.

Open the Safari browser on your device.  Click Safari in the top left corner of the toolbar, and then click About Safari.

About Safari option

Step 1

Click Safari in the top left corner of the toolbar, and then click Preferences.

Preferences option

Step 2

Click the Privacy tab, and then uncheck Website tracking: Prevent cross-site tracking.

Step 3

Close the Preferences window, and refresh the webpage.  Your page should load properly.

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