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This page contains the instructions for students to access and operate in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session.


  Always use the Chrome browser for sessions, recordings, and to view recordings. If you do not currently have Chrome, you can download it here, Download Chrome.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Overview for Students Video

Screen that students see when logging into a Blackboard session

Step 1

There are two ways to access a Blackboard Collaborate Session 

  1. Open the Chrome browser the access the link in an email. 

link for joining blackboard session


or Access link from course eLearning site. 

link in elearning for joining a blackboard session

Step 2

Enter your name if prompted. 

field for your display name in blackboard

Step 3

Click Join Session.


Operating Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for Students

Sharing content in Ultra

Ultra Best Practices for Students