Groups are like a smaller version of your course and are used as a collaborate tool where you can work with your classmates on group projects and assignments. You can create your own groups, and your teacher may create and add you to course groups.

Your teacher must assign groups in order for you to participate in a group workspace. Please note that the group workspace is different from the entire class's Canvas areas.

To Participate in a Group:

  1. Locate the Groups icon on the left side navigation bar.
  2. Click to see the Groups in which you are enrolled. Groups will appear to the right of course enrollments.
  3. You will only see groups if you are enrolled in at least one group.

What can I do with Groups?

Within groups, students can:

If you are concerned about group work, find helpful tips in the how to be successful at group work online (Links to an external site.) page. 

Learn more about People and Groups (Links to an external site.) in the Canvas Guides

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