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Policy NumberFIN-09.04-09/20
Responsible OfficeFinance and Administration
OriginatorDr. Martha D. Saunders, President
Current Status

Draft Policy is out for Comment from August 25, 2020 to September 25, 2020


To set forth the University of West Florida policy regarding the proper use of the PCard, including restrictions, consequences for misuse, and the roles and responsibilities of Cardholders, Reviewers/Delegates, and Approvers.

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  1. Unknown User (grozier)

    Received Comments from Sharon Jordan.

  2. Unknown User (grozier)

    Comments from Sharon Jordan:

    "Thanks for the updates in Confluence on the draft policy.  I think one of Dora's responses did not make it into the marked file.  See page 3, section C. Eligibility, phrase "non-OPS".  Please strike as shown "non-OPS".

    Thanks and have a great day."