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Policy NumberSA-01.02-04/20
Responsible OfficeDivision of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs
OriginatorDr. Martha D. Saunders, President
Current Status


The health and safety of students at the University of West Florida (UWF) is of great importance. In cases of medical emergency or crisis, students are expected to render aid for others in the University community by seeking help from appropriate medical personnel and University staff. The University is thankful to the students who take an active role in rendering aid for fellow Argonauts by acting in responsible and timely ways during a serious situation such as hazing, sexual assault, or alcohol or drug overdose. Seeking help that is critically needed for a fellow Argonaut shows courage and leadership.

It is understood that the potential for disciplinary action may deter students or Student Organizations/Groups from rendering aid and seeking needed medical assistance, either for themselves or others, as the result of the over-consumption of alcohol or use or over-use of drugs. The University has adopted a limited "Medical Immunity" policy in an effort to address this concern. This policy is in place to ease concerns and eliminate any reason for hesitation that students may have in rendering aid and seeking help for others should an emergency or crisis arise.

The policy allows the Vice President of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs or designee the sole discretion to give Medical Immunity to a student who has acted responsibly and rendered aid from appropriate University staff members or called for medical assistance. This means that the University may, in its sole discretion, choose to forego adjudication for violation(s) of conduct involving hazing, alcohol or drug use by the reporting student(s) that occurred at or immediately before the time of the incident, as long as the other conditions of the policy are met and if the Vice President of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs or designee is satisfied that the student(s) met the conditions herein.