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Policy NumberP-05.03-07/19
Responsible OfficeOffice of the President
OriginatorDr. Martha D. Saunders
Current Status

Draft Policy is out for Comment from June 6, 2019 to July 8, 2019


The Regulation of commercial solicitation on campus and the posting of advertising materials on campus bulletin boards is necessary in order to preserve the educational mission of the University, to prevent unnecessary distraction during classes and study periods, to provide for the safety of University students and faculty and staff members  and to protect the property of students, faculty, staff, and the University.

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  1. Because of the specificity of "organizations" under II. A., I'm concerned that this policy excludes legitimate student-focused services University-wide that affect department's auxiliary accounts, such as Recreation trips, printing services in the Commons, on-campus housing, meal plans, Commons and HLS facility rentals, etc. The volume of departmental activities that would need case-by-case approval under this policy would be a greater burden to the University than including an exception for these types of units and activities. 

    III. A.-B. indicates that promotional materials would need to be designed in advance of approval. I am concerned about the burden that places on marketing and communications units supporting campus departments that raise auxiliary revenue, because this policy adds an additional round of institutional approval required to vet promotional materials before they can be used on campus. For many of our units, the additional time required for review will be a significant barrier to their ability to promote their units effectively. 

    The specificity of this policy also brings under scrutiny such things as registered student organization-led fundraising efforts, like bake sales on the Commons patio. II. C. indicates that, in addition to not being able to submit flyers to the Commons Service Desk for already-regulated posting on campus bulletin boards, such organizations would also not be able to submit news of their fundraiser via Student Involvement email newsletters, for example. This overreach would be a disservice to our student body and run counter to its intended purpose. Further, it would run counter to the SUS Free Expression Statement currently out for review.  

    I encourage narrowing the scope of this policy in order to prevent undue consequences that would harm our campus community.  

  2. Related to Melissa Puckett's comment above, I recommend clarifying that this policy refers to commercial activities not conducted by the University. 

    Also, currently Student Involvement facilitates the approval of fundraising activities conducted by Registered Student Organizations. This policy may impact those processes. 

  3. Unknown User (jhurd)

    Make sure this policy articulates with DV-02.03-04/14 which includes language related to student organization fundraising including provisions for student groups. Student Involvement procedures are predicated on this policy.

    Also, the University Commons has a long standing vendor table rental program that needs to be addressed. See: Rental agreements are coordinated by the UCES reservations staff and routed via DocuSign to the VPSA.