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Self-reported* (on the admission application or once per fall/spring semester)
Verified (or "military affiliated") 

Receiving Benefits



Not Receiving Benefits

"No Benes"

Active Duty Personnel(tick) (star)(error) (star) 
Veterans(tick) (star)(error) (star) 
Dependents / Spouses(tick) (star)(error) 


  1. Students may "self-report" as being affiliated with the military by answering a yes/no question on the admissions application and the contact info update each fall/spring semester they are enrolled
  2. "Self-reported" are verified to be "military affiliated" by MVRC.  All verified persons are eligible to receive services from MVRC.  (non-null value in VSTUTRM_VETS_CODE)
  3. Some verified "military affiliated" will be certified to receive benefits (tick) "Benes"  (non-null value in VSTUTRM_VETC_CODE)
  4. The remainder of the verified will be categorized as not receiving benefits, but will still have access to MVRC resources  (error) "No Benes"
  5. (star) All active duty and veterans, regardless of benefits status, will receive priority registration. In addition, according to 2012 legislation, The spouse or dependency children of the veteran to whom the GI Bill educational benefits have been transferred would also be granted priority course registration. ("VET" attribute on student's record - VSTUTRM_VET = "Y")


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