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Security of UWF's systems is only as strong as the weakest link. Thus, all employees (faculty and staff) are expected to complete the Knowledge Worker Certification. The current list of access that will be blocked from an employee (faculty or staff) are listed on the Certified Knowledge Worker Guide, and listed here for your convenience:

Get your certification by 1/31/2017 or LOSE ACCESS TO:

  • create and send messages in Message Composer
  • view and update information on Banner INB
  • view Tableau Reports on the server
  • Banner Security Request form
  • Confluence access to use a personal space
  • Student Directory Information app in MyUWF
  • Groups app in MyUWF
When Dr. Saunders endorsed the "Year of Security", she stipulated that faculty may need to be "grandfathered in" with regard to access to systems, even if they have not completed the Knowledge Worker certification. Thus, if faculty choose not to complete the training by the deadline, the certification will be a requirement before purchase/upgrade of new computers or other electronic equipment.  Therefore, faculty who do not complete it can still have access to systems, but in the event they would like upgraded computer equipment, it would indeed become a "requirement" at that time. It is strongly recommended that everyone complete the certification prior to 1/31/2017, so that lack of certification does not become a barrier to timely upgrades or other changes in the future.
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